Fashion and Design

  • '70s Fashion Fiascos (Collectors Press), 2006
  • Dream Sewing Spaces: Design and Organization for Spaces Large and Small (Palmer/Pletsch Publishing), 1996 
  • Looking Good ... Every Day: Style Solutions for Real Women (Palmer/Pletsch), 2014
  • Theatre de la Mode: The Survival of Haute Couture (exhibit catalog for Maryhill Museum of Art, published by Palmer/Pletsch), 2002


Sewing and Quilting

  • Bouquet of Quilts (C&T Publishing), 2001
  • Fit for REAL People, Second Edition (Palmer/Pletsch), 2005
  • Hand Mending Made Easy (Palmer/Pletsch), 2008
  • Jackets for REAL People (Palmer/Pletsch), 2006
  • Pants for REAL People (Palmer/Pletsch), 2003
  • Paper Piecing Picnic (C&T Publishing), 2001
  • Sewing for the Apparel Industry (Fairchild Books, later published by Prentice-Hall), 1995
  • The Shade Book: Roman, Cloud, Balloon, Roller Shades, Shade Toppers, and More; Second Revised Edition (Palmer/Pletsch), 2002
  • Today’s Teen high school textbook (clothing construction chapters) (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill), 1994 and 1997
  • Today’s Teen Sewing and Serging Handbook (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill), 1994 and 2000


Food, Wine, Travel

  • Discovering Washington Wines (Raconteurs Press), 2002
  • The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner (Palmer/Pletsch), 2008


Business Writing

  • Better Business Writing, Fourth Edition (Crisp Publications), 2003
  • E-Mail Management (Thomson), 2006
  • Free Publicity: It’s Easier Than You Think! (The Fabric Shop Network Inc.), 2001
  • Writing Effective E-Mail, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2002
  • Writing That Sells: Persuading Others to Buy Your Ideas (Crisp), 2002



  • Coaching Skills for Leaders (Thomson), 2006
  • Communication Skills for Leaders (Thomson), 2006
  • Creating Rapport (Thomson), 2005
  • Face-to-Face Communication (Thomson), 2004 
  • Making Your Message Memorable: Communicating Through Stories (Crisp), 2003
  • Media Interviews: How to Be Effective on Television, Radio, and in Print (Axzo Press), 2007
  • Networking for Success: The Art of Establishing Personal Contacts (Crisp), 2003
  • The Little Book of Likes: Social Media for Small (and Very Small) Nonprofits (Side x Side Publishing), 2013


Management and Leadership

  • 50 One-Minute Tips for Retaining Employees (Crisp Publications), 2001
  • A Focus on Customer Service (custom book for Lockheed Martin, by Crisp), 2003
  • Accountability: Managing for Maximum Results (Crisp), 2002
  • Change Management: Leading People Through Organizational Change (Thomson), 2004
  • Conflict Management, Third Edition (Thomson), 2006
  • Creative Collaboration: Simple Tools for Inspired Teamwork (Crisp), 2003
  • Customer Service in the Information Age (Thomson), 2004
  • Event Planning for Everyone (Thomson), 2007
  • Excellence in Supervision (custom book for Household International, by Crisp), 2003
  • Leading Honorably (Thomson), 2004
  • Learning to Lead, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2003
  • Managing Change at Work, Third Edition (Crisp), 2003
  • Putting Diversity to Work (Crisp), 2003
  • Risk Management (Thomson), 2007
  • Sales Conferences and Meetings: Planning Motivational and Educational Events (Skillsoft Publishing), 2007
  • Sarbanes-Oxley: What Corporate Employees Need to Know (Thomson), 2007
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Thomson), 2006
  • Successful Strategic Planning, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2002
  • Team Building, Fourth Edition (Crisp), 2003
  • The Little Book of Gold: Fundraising for Small (and Very Small) Nonprofits (Gold Book Development), 2009
  • The New Supervisor, Fourth Edition: Stepping Up with Confidence (Crisp), 2003
  • The Seven Questions of Business Strategy (Lakeridge Press), 2009


Personal and Professional Development

  • Achieving Life Balance (Thomson), 2004
  • Clear and Creative Thinking: Your Key to Working Smarter (Crisp Publications), 2002
  • Coping with Workplace Change, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2003
  • Creative Decision Making, Third Edition (Crisp), 2003
  • Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making (Crisp), 2002
  • Finding Your Purpose: A Guide to Personal Fulfillment (Crisp), 2003
  • Managing Personal Change (Thomson), 2004
  • Self-Empowerment: Getting What You Want from Life, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2002
  • Stress Management: Strategies for Emotional Fitness, Third Edition (Thomson), 2005
  • Stress That Motivates: Self-Talk Secrets for Success, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2002
  • Surviving Information Overload (Crisp), 2003
  • Winning at Human Relations: How to Keep from Sabotaging Yourself, Revised Edition (Crisp), 2003



  • Facilitation Skills (custom book for Wyeth Laboratories, by Crisp), 2003
  • Making Live Training Lively (Crisp Publications), 2003
  • On-the-Job Training (Thomson), 2004
  • The Busine$$ of Teaching Sewing (Palmer/Pletsch Publishing), 1996, 2007
  • Training Managers to Train (Crisp), 2003


In a Class by Themselves

  • A Life with Riley (Out of Step Books), 2010
  • One Last Hill to Climb: A Caregiver's Journal (Pinehurst Press), 2010
  • Why America Has Back Pain: 10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Own Back Pain, 2010



Praise for byGosch

Ann Gosch is a wonderfully talented editor. I try not to let anything go to the public that she hasn’t looked at first. She is fast and efficient, so it is cost-effective to do so.

For me, there is an added bonus in that she understands my industry very well technically. Therefore, she is more than excellent as a sewing book editor. Ann is easy and pleasant to work with and I highly recommend her—unless it means she won’t have time for me!

—Pati Palmer, President, Palmer/Pletsch Publishing